Construction Department

In 2017 TRANSENERGY came onto the Austrian and Norwegian markets. In Austria we have erected antenna masts, in Norway we took part in connecting the Kvindesdal substation.

Currently we have been completing these jobs:

We are carrying out the repairs of support towers and renewals of insulator suspensions at overhead power lines 220 kV stretched between the Opočínek Subst. and the Sokolnice Subst.

We are working at the replacement of phase conductors and combined earthing cable at a 110 kV line between Oslavany Subst. and Řípov Subst. for the company of E.ON Distribuce.

Hired by E.ON Distribuce, we are erecting an overhead 110 kV line designated V1365/1385 at the section of Přídolí – Kaplice. The job covers specifically: casting concrete for foundations; assembling & erecting the towers; stringing phase conductors and combined earthing cable.

We are now at the stage of preparing a job at V411 – a replacement of support insulator suspensions at a 420 kV line for the ČEPS company.

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